The Benefits of having a 

Linen-etc Plus+ Account

Here's what you get by signing up as a Linen-etc Plus+ Account today...

  • Gain Points for every purchase.

  • Access to special discount and promotions

  • Be the first to know and have access to exclusive deals and new products

  • Be the first to know.

All you need to do is... 


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How do I gain points?

1€ Spent = 1 Point Gained

As Simple as that!

How do I use my points?

For every...

500 Points

Gained. You get a...

5€ Dicount Code

Got any Questions?

We have the Answers!

How can I see how many points I have?

Do I have a limited time to redeem my Discount Codes?

Will my points instore and online be separate?

Will I lose points if I return any products after purchasing them?

Can I combine points from separate accounts to gain rewards?

Can I use a Discount Code on a purchase or order of any amount?

Will the currency I use change the amount of points I gain?

Do I gain points from the Shipping and Tax value?

Can I create a Plus+ Account instore?

Will I gain points from products on SALE or PROMOTION?

Will I receive any type of card to use instore?

Can I use a Discount Code if it is more than the total amount of the purchase/order?

Have any questions that aren't listed above?

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