Welcome to a world where your brand's presence is felt and remembered.

Our embroidery service is designed to cater to luxury property rentals, guest houses, spas, beauty salons, sports clubs, and businesses seeking to elevate their brand recognition and provide a luxury experience to their clients.

Why Choose Our Embroidery Service?

Memorable Branding

Personalized embroidery enhances brand memorability, ensuring your logo stays with your guests long after their visit.

Luxury Perception

Elevate the perceived value and quality of your items, from towels to dressing gowns, with exquisite embroidered details.

Exceptional Guest Experience

Impress your guests with high-quality embroidered goods that reflect the excellence of your services.

Professional Image

Project a professional image with crisp, clean, and durable embroidered logos that withstand the test of time.

Guest Loyalty

Foster loyalty and encourage return visits with unique, branded touches that make guests feel valued.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Leverage satisfied guests as brand ambassadors, enhancing your visibility through organic word-of-mouth.

How It Works:

1. Make an Order

2. Send us your High-Quality logo, including dimensions and colours

3. We’ll provide an Example and Quote for your Confirmation

4. Once agreed, your embroidery commences

5. Your items are ready for delivery or collection

Benefits of our Service:

Extensive Customisation
Reflect your brand's identity accurately with our wide range of customization options.
Versatile Application
Suitable for a variety of products, from towels to apparel, increasing your brand's visibility.
Our embroidered items are long-lasting, making them a cost-effective solution for ongoing brand promotion.

Conteúdo recolhível

Embroidering Terms & Conditions

  • 50% deposit is required to initiate the process.

  • Depending on product selection, minimum quantities may be required.

  • Depending on product selection, design opening fee may be required to commence the process
  • Transform Your Brand Today:

    Ready to distinguish your brand with luxury embroidered goods? Contact us to explore the endless possibilities and start your journey towards an unforgettable brand experience for your clients…


Elevate your brand and enhance your guest's experience with our premium embroidery service. Let's create something extraordinary together.

About Us:

  • Experience & Longevity

    Since 2003, we've been a trusted source for premium bedding and towels, serving homes, rental properties, guest houses, and hotels with dedication. We became Linen-etc.com in 2007. Now with the website and two locations in the Algarve. In both locations you will find multilingual, knowledgeable, and proactive staff.

  • Local, National & International

    Over 80% of products are Made in Portugal. You can buy online or instore with National and International delivery Available. Our team are a mixture of nationalities. Mainly Portuguese. All Bilingual. With many languages spoken in store.

  • Diverse Expertise & Proven Products

    Our expertise spans a wide variety of bedding, towels, soft furnishings, & home textiles. All our products are bought with the Portuguese climate and life in mind. We have a large selection of bedding suitable for many different sizes. All our products and services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers, from individual homes to large developments and hotels. We specialize in bedding, towels, and soft furnishings for various sectors.

  • Customer Satisfaction, Eco-Friendliness, & Guarantees

    Committed to exceptional customer service, we offer eco-friendly products that guarantee satisfaction and sustainability. Many of our products are safe to wash at higher temperatures making them suitable for laundries and persistent use. We guarantee our products.