Are you managing multiple rental properties, guesthouses, or a vast number of rooms?

Keep your linens organized, reduce losses, and save on reinvestment costs with our
professional labelling service. Perfect for the bustling Portuguese rental and holiday
market, our service simplifies your laundry management, making changeovers a breeze.

Why Our Labelling Service is Essential for Your Business:

Reduce Laundry Linen Losses

Enable laundries to identify your items with ease. Keep your valuable bedding and towel sets together and never lose a piece again. Our labels mean you can quickly identify your items, reducing the risk of loss and unnecessary replacements.

Save Time and Money

Spend less time sorting and more time focusing on your guests. Our labelling system can save you hundreds of euros in reinvestment each year by keeping your linens accounted for and in the right place.

Simplify Management

Ideal for marking not just the name of the property but also bed sizes, room numbers, or names, our labels streamline your laundry process, making it fool proof. If it fits within the character limit, we can do it.

How It Works:

  • 1. Order Easily:

    Simply call us, send us an email, or bring a signed copy of your desired font/name to our showroom.

  • 2. Approval Process:

    We'll confirm your design by email, ensuring everything is to your satisfaction before proceeding.

  • 3. Fast Turnaround

    Once confirmed, we guarantee delivery of your labelled linens between 12 to 20 working days.

Pricing & Conditions:

Affordable Pricing
Just 1€ per label, taxes included.
Flexible Orders
Minimum of 25 labels per order to cater to all sizes of operations.
Character Limit
Our labels can include up to 20 characters
Secure Payment
A 50% pre-payment is required for all orders, ensuring acommitment to quality and service.
  • Tailored to Your Needs

    Our labels can include up to 20 characters, allowing for clear and concise marking. Whether it’s the client's name, house name, or room number, our service is designed to meet the specific needs of the Portuguese rental and holiday market.

  • Get Started Today:

    Ready to streamline your linen management? Contact us now to place your order and transform your laundry process. Let's make managing your properties simpler, together.


Don't let linen management be a bottleneck in your business. Our labelling service is here to make your operations seamless and efficient. Join the many property managers and guesthouse owners who've already benefitted from this simple solution.

About Us

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    Since 2003, we've been a trusted source for premium bedding and towels, serving homes, rental properties, guest houses, and hotels with dedication. We became in 2007. Now with the website and two locations in the Algarve. In both locations you will find multilingual, knowledgeable, and proactive staff.

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