Can you buy Local Products at Competitive Prices?

Can you buy Local Products at Competitive Prices?




Generations ago, the only option people really had for shopping was to buy local.  

Our grandparents ate vegetables grown in their gardens and bought textiles, tools, and other goods handmade in their own town.  But even with todays globalized market you CAN buy better quality at competitive prices locally. have been buying from the Portuguese manufacturers for 16 years.  The same manufacturers that supply nearly all of the exclusive branded companies that you may already buy from. Portuguese manufacturers are renowned for style & quality. sell a full range of home textile that Portugal creates, offering unparalleled quality and elegance at very affordable prices.


Sheets & duvet covers of every standard size in the world, towels that offer quality, absorbency, and sustainability. Beautifully designed throws & bedspreads. You can come and feel the fabrics for yourself in store or buy online. Whatever your choice of buying we guarantee the quality of our products.


It’s a fact that it is a big challenge for local, independent bedding & textiles retailers to supply quality products at very competitive prices in a country populated with just 7 million people   Here at that is exactly what we do achieve. We do compete and beat the internationals on both quality & price.


Stocking sheet sizes suitable for beds from every country in the world. In over 5 qualities:   200 thread count cotton Percale, 300 thread count Sateen, 400 thread count Percale plus a Poly cotton percale and lots of coloured & decorative cotton bedding to choose from too.
 specify the quality, durability & design of the products that we buy with our Portuguese partners. We request specific features to ensure our towels & bedding are more sustainable. We are dedicated to ecological techniques; track & tracing of products and we choose to use eco dyes to protect the products we sell from fading in sunlight and/or chlorine. Our towel ranges benefit from this eco dye and are available in over 60 colours.  You can choose from 5 different weights of towels, 480 GSM for the pool towel & the bathroom towels are available in different weights. 500, 520, 550 & 650 GSM


Our duvets are designed for hot countries, be it winter or summer, in 3 qualities in all sizes.


Other International companies, that are retailing in Portugal, often sell products that are designed for their country of origin, that have colder climates, such as Holland, Sweden or England. These products are often not suitable for the sunny warm days here in Portugal.  


What and most other local independent retailers don’t have is an international sized marketing budget. But make up for it, in quality, service,  including a multi lingual team, trained to help you make an informed choice, in store, on the phone or via email, with all the information you need on our great new website.


By purchasing our local products, you contribute to the preservation of Portuguese heritage and the continuity of local business, the more often you choose to buy local the bigger the choice you will get. are investing in new products & designs all the time. Don’t forget when the going gets tough for you it gets tough for local business too. 


Check out your local independent supplier of bedding towels & soft furnishings, you won’t be disappointed.



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