Get Your Properties Guest-Ready with’s Rental Season Tips and Quality Bedding

Get Your Properties Guest-Ready with’s Rental Season Tips and Quality Bedding

As the rental season approaches, property managers and owners face the recurring challenge of preparing their spaces to welcome guests. But how do you ensure your property not only meets but exceeds guest expectations, making them eager to return time and time again?


In this article, we dive into the most frequently asked questions and pain points about getting your property guest-ready and unveil key tips and tricks that will transform your rental into a sought-after sanctuary. Dive into our expert advice, and watch your guests fall in love with your property at first sight—and remember, the secret to a “come back again” experience begins with the perfect set of sheets. Plus, make sure you read through to the end for our final extra tips — you won't want to miss these additional insights that could make all the difference in securing those repeat visits.


How to Choose the Right Quality Sheets for Rentals?



Choosing the right quality sheets for rental properties is crucial for ensuring ultimate comfort and enhancing your guest's experience. High-quality bedding that is durable, that washes at high temperatures, and is suitable for commercial laundering not only ensures a good night's sleep but also reflects the overall standard of your property. Our 200 Thread Cotton Percale sheets are a perfect example—breathable, durable, soft, and washable up to 60°C, they offer the cool, comfortable feel your guests are looking for during their stay. As an alternative, you could also provide your guests with a cost-effective 180 Thread count, 50/50 blend of cotton-polyester that is quick-drying, and wrinkle-resistant, saving you time and effort maintaining the property's premium look while being easy to care for.


Do I Need Mattress and Pillow Protectors for My Guests?


Mattress and pillow protectors are essential in extending the lifespan of your bedding. By investing in new mattresses and pillows, you’ll want to protect them (and doing so may also reassure guests that you’re diligent about cleanliness).


Opting for waterproof protectors such as our Tencel® range is a good option, giving you peace of mind when it comes to accidents. These provide a breathable yet waterproof barrier, protecting against all spills and stains while ensuring a hygienic sleep surface. A small investment in protectors can save you significantly in the long run.


If your primary concern is blocking bugs, mattress encasements (that fully envelop your mattress) are the best option, however, they are not as practical when removing them for laundering. If you’re mostly concerned about spills, then our Tencel® mattress protectors (like a fitted sheet) and pillow protectors are the way to go.


Choosing the Right Pillows


A great sleep experience depends on more than just sheets and protectors. Our range of pillows caters to all preferences, from the ultradown pillows with a comfortable hollow fibre filling, available in 800g and 1000g options, offering your guests a choice between a softer and more firm filling, to our twin pack cluster fill with cotton cover, ideal for a more cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on quality and is suitable for high-temperature wash. Remember, having a variety of bedding options allows you to tailor the sleeping experience to meet various guest preferences.


What Are the Best Quality Towels for Rentals?


Choosing the right towels can significantly enhance your guest's experience. Opt for towels that can withstand commercial laundering and high-temperature washes, yet are not overly heavy (measured in GSM – Grams Per Square Meter), to keep laundering costs down. Our Luxury 550 GSM Towels are the perfect option for guests, offering durability for frequent use without the excessive weight, making them cost-effective for commercial washing. They combine softness with durability, effortlessly adding a touch of style and comfort to your bathrooms.


Bonus Tips for Your Rentals


As we wrap up our guide to preparing your rental property for guests, we want to leave you with some additional tips that can make a significant difference in your property management and guest satisfaction:


Optimal Bedding Rotation:

For seamless turnovers, we recommend having at least three sets of bed linens per bed. This ensures one set can be in use, one in the laundry, and one ready in storage for the next guest. The same goes for towels – three sets per guest allow for a rotation that keeps your supply fresh and ready at all times.


Adding Some Colour: 

While the classic white theme in rentals conveys cleanliness and simplicity, adding an extra layer of personality can significantly enhance your guests' experience. Consider incorporating a colorful throw, vibrant cushions, or an elegant bedspread as a final touch to your rooms. These items not only provide an inviting splash of colour but also offer additional comfort and style, making your rental stand out. Plus, they allow guests to customize their sleeping environment to their comfort, ensuring a cozy, memorable stay. Choose accents that complement the existing decor to create a cohesive, welcoming atmosphere that encourages guests to return.


Preparing your property for the rental season doesn't have to be stressful. With’s range of high-quality bedding, towels, and soft furnishings, you can ensure your guests enjoy a comfortable, memorable stay. Visit our website to explore our products or visit us in-store at our Lagos and Lagoa showrooms, and let our team guide you through this rental season.


By choosing Linen-Etc for your bedding needs, you're investing in the comfort and satisfaction of your guests.

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