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Leave lasting memories with your guests

Make Lasting Memories for your guests

“Guest spend 30% of their holiday in the bedroom”
Below is advice on the best products for your rental property


Best for your beds


  • Two or three sets of sheets for each bed
  • A cozy duvet with an attractive, washable duvet cover
  • Two bed pillows per guest – one firm, one soft
  • A throw blanket large enough to cover the whole bed for an added layer of warmth

You might be tempted into buy a high thread count cotton which is cooler in this hot climate, however a hypoallergenic cotton-polyester blend sheet like this highly-reviewed range. Blends are more durable, resist wrinkles, and are easier to launder. Many owners strongly prefer white sheets, which can be bleached to keep them looking like new.

We also recommend choosing a duvet with a durable and attractive duvet cover for a holiday rental.

Your mattress is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your vacation rental bedroom, so be sure to protect it from bed bugs, allergens, and general use with a high-quality waterproof mattress protector.

A waterproof mattress protector does double duty by providing both an extra barrier for your mattress and additional comfort for your guests. They’re also a snap to remove, wash and replace. A great mattress pad can make even an ordinary mattress feel luxurious, so choose wisely and try it out yourself!

Include a throw blanket at the foot of the bed to add another point of interest to your decor, as well as versatility to your bed! Guests can snuggle under this extra layer on chilly nights, or ditch the duvet and use just the blanket and sheets on warm nights.

Make sure you choose a machine-washable, durable blanket like this one, as it will need to be laundered after every guest.

Pillows are where your bed really starts to come together! Provide a minimum 2 pillows for each guest – one squishy, one firm – so they can enjoy their optimal comfort level. Keep your pillows clean and fresh with waterproof or water-resistant protectors on each one.

Once you have your basic sleeping pillows, it benefits a room to add a decorative pillow or two for colour and style.

Beside the bed

It is good to provide extra blankets, linens, and pillows somewhere in the house, and make sure your guests know where they are. Being able to adjust the bed to their comfort level easily will help ensure your guests get a good night’s sleep.

We highly recommend including a bedside table with a lamp. Most people don’t enjoy reading by the overhead light, and nearly everyone has a few items that they like to keep by their bedside at night, like a glass of water or a pair of reading glasses. 

Rugs are a nice additon, especially with tiled floors.

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